Zulily Coupons Free Shipping: Up to 85% Discount On Clothing, Footwear, Accessories & More

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Jun 29 2020 Share this blog

Hassling for hours to come by free shipping coupons?  Zulily lets you shop for a range of categories like footwear, electronics, accessories, and more at a maximum of 85% off. Shoppers would get hold of free shipping on their orders after placing the first order. 

Skim Through The Zulily Coupons Free Shipping and Other Deals: 

Zulily Coupons 



Clearance Sale: Up to 85% Off 

No Minimum Order Required 


Accessories: Under $250

For Old & New Users 


Skin Care Products: $3 Onwards 

Minimum Order $49 


Fashion Products: 70% Off 

Valid: Michael Kors Items 


Zulily Credit Card: $15 Off 

Discount On First Order 


Meticulous Insights On Zulily Coupons Free Shipping: 

a) Get Up to 85% Off On All Orders: 

Shop your heart out at Zulily and redeem at a maximum 85% discount on categories such as clothing, footwear, fashion items, and more. Zulily free shipping can be availed under this deal. 

  • Numerous payment options are credit cards, debit cards, PayPal 
  • The Zulily products can be ordered from the website and app 
  • No Zulily shipping code 2020 is needed to avail the discount 
  • No restrictions on the minimum amount of order 
  • Both old and new Zulily customers can avail the deal


b) Buy Electronic Accessories At Under $250: 

Conjoining free shipping on discounted orders isn’t that far fetched. Customers can acquire rad electronic accessories at below $250 on numerous products. 

  • Available products at discounted prices are as follow: 



Apple Airpods With Accessories 

At $249 

Charger Mount Holder

For $39 

Wireless Charger 

Available At $32

  • The Zulily items can be bought from the online platforms 
  • Use payment options like Zulily credit card, net banking, PayPal, and more 
  • This deal can be merged with other Zulily coupons 
  • No minimum transaction amount is needed to avail the deal

c) Get Fashion Accessories At 70% Discount: 

It’s an art catch up with the ever-changing fashion. At Zulily you would get fashion accessories at a whopping 70% off. Customers can redeem free shipping on this order. 

  • This Zulily coupon is exclusively valid on Michael Kors deals 
  • Available discounted fashion accessories are bags, eyeglasses, fragrances, more 
  • Both old and new users can avail the deal 
  • Zulily free shipping code June 2020 is not required at this time 
  • No minimum amount of order is required to avail the deal 
  • Activate the Zulily coupons at the website or app

How Does Zulily Free Shipping Work? 

Customers who shop at Zulily for diverse categories such as apparel, perfumes, footwear, and more are eligible to receive Zulily free shipping across the participating cities. Although, there are a few things to consider when you shop at the store. Read on to learn more. 

a) Customers need to pay the shipping charges only for the first order of the day. 

b) All the orders placed after that would come with Zulily free shipping. 

c) Zulily would put together all the orders that shoppers have placed throughout the day and send out together without extra shipping charges. 

d) Based on the numerous orders Zulily would charge the shipping price for the consolidated orders. 

e) Customers would have to place orders by 11.59 in a single day. 

f) In case, there are various shipping dates, Zulily makes sure that it sends out the orders at the earliest date. 

Zulily Free Shipping

More Information On Zulily Free Shipping:

Zulily helps customers with more savings by consolidating their orders by providing them with a window. Though the Zulily Free shipping service comes with a few dos and don’ts. Go through the following to know more. 

a) All orders that shoppers place must be from the same Zulily account. 

b) Zulily products that are bulkier would have additional shipping charges. 

c) The information about the Zulily exclusion products would be given on the website. 

d) The Zulily coupons free shipping would be applicable across the US. Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, or US territories may incur additional charges. 

e) Zulily runs promotional deals on Zulily free shipping service. Keep shopping until you get hold of one such promotion.

What Are The Other Zulily Coupons and Deals? 

a) Customers To Get 70% Off During Zulily Sale: 

Be it Zulily clothes, Zulily shoes, Zulily dresses, everything is available under the brightened sun of the ongoing Zulily sale at an enormous 70% discount

  • Zulily Customers can participate in sale through the website and app 

  • Discounted Zulily products are: 

Zulily Products On Sale 


Curtain Sets 

Up to 60% Off 


Maximum 60% Discount 

Perfumes and More 

Up to 70% Savings 

  • Customers can pay through Zulily credit card, gift cards, credit/debit cards, PayPal 
  • This Zulily coupon can be used many times 
  • No Zulily discount code is needed to avail the deal

b) Buy Face Masks and Accessories Under $25: 

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we were. Now to follow the mandate it is important to be equipped with face masks, and other accessories at less than $25

  • Both old and new Zulily customers can avail the deal 
  • No limit on the number of products that need to be ordered 
  • COVID-19 products such as Printed masks, ear hooks, medical face-covering scarf, etc 
  • Avail modes of payment such as cards, PayPal, and more
  • This Zulily COVID-19 deal is available across the USA 
  • The orders can be placed through the Zulily website and app

What Are The Perks Of Zulily Credit Card? 

Zulily credit cards surely widen the horizons for the shoppers, as it brings numerous benefits and membership advantages. Among many things that we are going to list out, Zulily credit cards bestow Zulily free shipping offers upon the customers. To know more, go through the following. 

a) Shoppers would get a significant $15 discount on the first purchase via Zulily credit cards. 

b) On selecting smart-pay while paying through the Zulily credit cards, customers would get their order value divided into three easy installments. 

c) Shoppers would get early access to the latest season-specific deals and sales. 

d) Every month Zulily cardholders would get to redeem promotional offers like Zulily free shipping, surprise discounts, and more. 

e) Get all your Zulily credit card activities consolidated in one place. 

f)  Zulily credit card comes with no annual fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions At Zulily: 

a) Is there a Zulily coupon for a student discount? 

A. No, Zulily doesn’t render student’s discount at the moment. 

b) Where to look for Zulily coupons and deals? 

A. All Zulily coupons and promo codes can be found on the Zulily website or app. However, customers who head to Zouton would have a consolidated list of Zulily coupons and deals with extra discounts and cashback. 


At Zulily, you have a range of categories like fashion, electronics, clothing, fragrances, footwear, etc to choose from. Along with it, shoppers are entitled to the exciting Zulily free shipping window that enhances their shopping experience. With Zulily coupons free shipping your shopping needs would be gratified at a minimal amount.