Planet Fitness 1-Day Pass 2022 | Get Access To The Gym, Club, Community, And More

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To learn more about the amenities and training environment at the Planet Fitness gym you want to visit for FREE, take advantage of their free day pass offer. Find out more details below.

Planet Fitness 1-Day Pass 2022 | Active Now

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Planet Fitness Free Trial Deal In 2022 | Get Your Free Day Pass

In order for potential members to learn more about the amenities and training environment offered at Planet Fitness, day passes are offered for free.

If you go to the gym with a PF black cardholder or if you live nearby, you can sign up for a free trial.

Free Trial at Planet Fitness | Steps To Get

  • The free day pass is available to local residents once every ninety days.
  • Additionally, you have the choice to use various online promotional codes for free trials if you want to visit a PF gym away from your home in other circumstances.

You may either go to the gym in person to sign up for a free trial or visit their website and go to the free trial section.

Planet Fitness One Day Pass | Benefits

  • Access to the club, neighborhood, and cutting-edge facilities that Planet Fitness has to offer
  • Try the opulent Planet Fitness Spa for nothing.
  • No courses, just access to the entire gym floor and the functional training section.

Ineligibility criteria for Planet Fitness Day Pass

  • Anyone under 16 must present identification verification.
  • Not accessible to current users.

Planet Fitness Free Guest Pass Coupon | Bring A Guest

Joining a friend, family member, or another person who has a black card can get you a free Planet Fitness guest pass. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that the individual needs a black card membership, not a basic membership.

Deal details:

  • Use the Planet Fitness app on your phone.
  • You will receive an invitation from the owner of the Black card, after which you must go through a brief registration process.

Perks of guest pass:

  • It primarily tries to introduce you to all of the essential features and environments of a specific Planet Fitness gym.

Classic Membership
Black Card Membership

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Can bring anytime

Planet Fitness Free Day Pass Deal | Recently Expired

You can now enjoy yourself as your teen did this summer. With a FREE day ticket, discover how Planet Fitness can motivate you to exercise and enjoy all the advantages of a membership.

  • Teenagers can register online or in person at the local club to use the pass.
  • To obtain the digital key tag, download the Planet Fitness app next.

Pf Black Card Membership
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Unlimited Access To Home Club



Free Fitness Training



Use Of Any Planet Fitness Worldwide



Bring A Guest Anytime



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Planet Fitness 1-Day Pass 2022 | FAQs

Q). Is Planet Fitness's one-day Pass available?

No, Planet Fitness does not give members free day passes. But. You can still sign up for a free trial by going to the gym with another PF Black Card holder,

Q). Is it possible to avail of the free trial at Planet Fitness?

If you have a black card or are a local resident, you can sign up for a free trial at planet fitness.

Q). What is the length of the Planet Fitness free trial?

Free passes to Planet Fitness are only good for one day. Beyond that, you can be required to pay additional costs, which can change depending on the area.


Last but not least, although the majority of planet fitness gyms adhere to identical policies to those we've covered here, there may be minor changes based on locales. For more information, it is always preferable to call or stop by your local Planet Fitness facility. Check out for additional Planet Fitness coupons and discounts.

By Shalini Shukla - Author