Petco Aquarium Sale 2022 | May | Save Max. 50% On Fish Tanks, Aquarium Lights, And More

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Being attentive to your tiny marine friend’s health is crucial if you are keen to watch them happy and playful. Treat them preciously with a new aquarium, beautiful aqua lights, silk plants, and more after grabbing these from the Petco Aquarium sale at a straight 50% discount

Petco Aquarium Sale 2022 | Live Now

Petco Aquarium Deals 2022

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Petco Aquarium Sale Deals 2022 | Top Blogs

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Petco Aquarium Sale 2022| Top Discounts

For the stake of ongoing aquarium sale, Petco unlocks back to back two deals on aquariums, marine fishes, aqua lights, and so on. So, let’s unveil the details of each one by one. 

1. Up To 50% Discount | Aquarium Fishes

Whether a flock of golden fishes or beautiful coral fishes, with Petco you can be introduced to thousands of species of marine fishes that are perfectly cultivated inside your personal aquarium. Get these from Petco at a staggering 50% discount without putting any exclusive promo code.

  • The deal is active on innumerable fish species namely 

    • Clownfish, Chromis, Copperband butterfly, Scooter benny, Royal Gramma

    • Spotted mandarin gobby, snowflake clownfish, six-line wrasse, etc.

  • The Petco discount is enabled on all amount of purchase limits

  • Works fine without a Petco coupon code

  • Same day delivery is valid on the order

  • The cost of a marine fish starts as low as $10 or below it.

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2. Get 20% Discount | Aqueon Open Glass Tanks

This year, if you wish to propagate the fresh, holiday vibes among the tiny marine creatures, redecorate your personal aquarium with a new set of colorful aquarium lights, handy at the store of Petco at a 20% discount. Here are the details unlocked.

  • Products under the sale are:

    • 10G to 55G edgelit, frameless and rimless tanks
  • The deal is accessible to all order values

  • It works fine without a coupon code

  • It can be shopped both at the online store and in-store of Petco

  • Free 24 hours delivery is auto set on orders above $35

**You can personally go through all coupons and deals of Petco

Petco Aquarium Sale 2022| Top Selling Items

Since the aquarium sale does not just intricate around multifarious types of fish tanks rather propels out for including myriads of aquarium accessories, and aquatic species, a comprehensive list of hotlist items are projected below. You may use these as further references.

Petco Aquarium Sale | Trending Fish Tanks

Popular Open Glass Tanks 

Cost in Dollar

Aqueon standard glass tank| 40 gallon


Aqueon standard glass tank| 20gallon long


Aqueon standard glass tank| 10gallon long


Aqueon frameless cube aquarium| 14gallon


Aqueon rimless black tank aquarium| 2.5gallon


Petco Aquarium Sale| Popular Fish Species 

Popular Breeds 

Cost in Dollar

False percula saltwater clownfish  


Coral beauty angelfish

From $44.99

Dragon wrasse


Bicolor Foxface fish


Black clown gobby fish


Banggai Cardinal

From $32.99

Powder blue tang fish

From $129.99

 **Explore all kinds of marine fish species here

Petco Aquarium Sale| Trending Aquarium Accessories

Top Selling Products 

Cost in Dollar

Aqueon color max mini compact fluorescent light

$11.99 onwards 

Aqueon Rim LED glow AddOn lamp

From $14.47

Hagen marina betta kit LED light


Tera pond 5W UV pond water clarifier


Zoo Med AquSun aquarium timer


Petco Aquarium Sale 2022 | Additional Information To Acquire

Despite fetching vibrant aspects of Petco aquarium sale, excavation for some additional tricks are also important as these aspects can genuinely glimpse on smart savings tricks. Hence, go detailed with this information.

A. Petco Gift Cards

Grab a Petco gift card starting onwards from $10 and keep on saving enormously after each of your savings. Here are the details go.

  • Petco gift cards come in handy between a range of $10 to $200

  • It’s available both in physical and digital form

  • Redeemable without any Petco gift card

  • Can be used for each transaction at Petco

       **Browse all details of the Petco gift cards

B. Petco Free Shipping

Petco avails free shipping to the doorstep of all users regardless of the order amount. The major features of the free shipping are as follows.

Types of free shipping in the continental U.S

Standard shipping 

2-5 business days 

Next day shipping

2 business days

Same-day shipping 

1 business day

Additional features:

  • Shipping in Alaska, Hawaii takes 3-6 days to be completed

  • Shipping in APO/FPO areas takes up to 13 days for completion

  • Free same-day delivery is applicable above $35 within a maximum weight of 300lbs

**You can go through details of the Petco free shipping here

C. Petco Return Policy

Like free shipping Petco also avails free 30 days return policy to all its products. The return is possible both online or to the nearest outlet of Petco. A few important things to remember before opting for the shipping are as follows.

  • The bill and tax invoice should be intact

  • Package must not be torn apart or abused

  • Return is applicable on wrong delivery, product damage, and in case of non-satisfaction.

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Petco Deals | May 2022 | Editor’s Pick

Petco Deals

Avail 30% discount on vital pet care plan


Save 50% discount on fish food


Flat 25% discount on dog chews


Save up to 30% on digestive health essentials


FAQs| Petco Aquarium Sale 2022

1. Is there any Petco aquarium sale live at the moment?

A. No, there is no Petco sale going on at the moment exactly by that name. But the Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale enables a specific sale for open glass fish tanks which is analogous to the aquarium sale.

2. How do I access the aquarium sale?

A. You can either browse the website, visit a nearby outlet and shop there, or simply lend help from the Petco store at Zouton which will redirect you to the sale page at Petco.

3. Is same-day delivery for aquariums available at Petco?

A. Yes, customers get free same-day delivery on all kinds of aquariums. All you have to do is just place an order worth $35 or over.


Revel in making a new house for your little aquatic pets. Bring home a new box, cube, or any other smart design aquarium from Petco during the aquarium sale and enjoy a hefty 30% discount without the need for a minimum order value.