Amazon Upcoming Sale 2020: Up To 75% Off On Electronics, Fashion And More

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By Mohd Yusuf - Content Specialist Dec 17 2019 Share this blog

Amazon, the largest online store has never failed in giving its fans the best deals on all categories. With the year 2019 on the brink of coming to an end and the year 2020 already knocking our doors, Amazon is here with the sale carnivals to treat its customers with unbelievable price drops and discounts on all categories and products. 

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What are the best upcoming Amazon Sales in 2019/2020?


Expected Date

Expected Offers

Amazon Christmas Sale 2019

25th Of December 2019

Get Discounts up to 75% on all categories

Amazon After Christmas Sale

26th Of December 2019

Avail Discount Up to 75% on all categories

Amazon New Year Sale

1st of January 2019

Get Price Drops up to 70%

Amazon President Day Sale

Third Monday Of February

Unlock discounts up to 20% on all categories

Amazon Memorial Day Sale

May 25, 2020

Get discounts up to 65%

Amazon Independence Day Sale

4th July 2020

Get an extra 20% discounts on top products

Amazon Prime Day Sale

15th and 16th July 2020

Price drops up to 60%

Amazon Labor Day Sale

7th Of September

Discounts up to 40% on top categories

Amazon Columbus Day Sale

12th Of October

Discounts ranging up to 60%

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2020

27th Of November

Avail discounts up to 60%

Amazon Cyber Monday

30th Of November

Get deals at 50% discount

Amazon Sale 2019/2020: A Brief

  1. Amazon Christmas Sale 2019

The Amazon Christmas sale 2019 shall be an extravagant event for all the admirers of Amazon. With top deals discounting up to 75% be assured to get the best offers of the year ranging from discounts on clothing, footwear, books, and electronics. The sale shall start at midnight of 25th December and will go on an entire day. Grab the best deals and stay updated on these deals by simply subscribing to the Zouton newsletter.

  1. Amazon After Christmas Sale 2019

Amazon will not disappoint you even after the Christmas sale as it will be back with the Amazon After Christmas Sale. With discounts ranging as much as 70%, you should already gear yourself up for the bonus offers. The sale shall offer free shipping and price drops on top product lines like mobiles, laptops, and fashion. 

  1. Amazon New Year Sale 2020

Start your year with epic offers and deals only at Amazon. With the upswing of deals on Christmas and After Christmas, you can continue with your shopping spree with discounts as high as 80% on all categories. The best offers range from electronics to mobile phones and furniture. 

  1. Amazon President Day Sale 2020

Get the most amazing deals on Amazon products during the president day sale 2020. With a federal holiday falling on the same day, expect offers that would offer up to 20% savings on everything you buy. The sale shall drop prices on Alexa enabled devices and offer freebies like audible books looking closely at the past year's trends.

  1. Amazon Memorial Day Sale 2020

With top categories like fashion, home devices, and books on sale; the Amazon memorial day sale shall offer discounts up to 65% without any hesitation. Looking at the past year’s trends we expect offers like free gift cards of value over $50 can be expected. 

  1. Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

The upheaval of discounts shall continue on Independence day or more popularly on the 4th of July. 2019 witnessed price drops on major Apple products like the MacBook and the Apple smartwatch. Bookmark us to stay updated about the Independence Day sale beforehand.

  1. Amazon Labor Day Sale 2020

The Amazon Labor Day sale 2019 was a major discounting event. The retails giant released deals on the Echo Dot, Fire TV Devices, and other Fire TV products at discounts up to 40%.

  1. Amazon Columbus Day Sale 2020

Amazon has deals on Columbus Day on top products like the Fire TV Stick, Nintendo Switch and the iPad Pro. The discounts range up to 60% on all products and categories. The offers include some amazing deals on top categories and products. Watch this space to know exactly what deals Amazon has to offer during Columbus Day 2020.

  1. Amazon Black Friday Sale 2020

The Black Friday sale at Amazon shall offer some of the topmost deals with unbelievable price drops. The Black Friday Sale 2019 by Amazon was no less than a carnival had discounts up to 60% on categories like clothing, camera and accessories, fashion accessories, and electronics.

  1. Amazon Cyber Monday 2020

The discounts on Amazon during the Cyber Monday sale shall range more than 60% with deals on some amazing products like the Echo Dot, Fire Stick, and top products from the electronic categories. The discounts are up to 50% and great deals on gift cards and accessories as well.

What are the top categories on discount in the Amazon upcoming Sale?

  1. Clothing: With Amazon refresh your entire wardrobe and get discounts up to 35% on fashion deals. The deal can be used by all the users and does not limit the number of times a product is being purchased. With offers like dresses under $20 and jeans under $30. The clothing category has top brands like Van Heusen and Ralph Lauren under its roof.

  2. Electronics: Be assured to avail discounts up to 40% on all purchases done from the electronic category. With Cell phones available at discounts up to 30% and computers and laptops at discount as high as 40% you can get these deals on all the upcoming sales and avail amazing discounts.

  3. Pet Supplies: Get the best of products on discount especially for your pets in the upcoming Amazon sales for as low as $5. You can also avail free shipping on orders of value over $25. The pet supplies are available at price drops in all major sales.

  4. Books: Avail up to 10% discount on books purchased from Amazon. Get the best reads and the top sellers for a price cut in all sales. These books are curated regularly from the top authors and for all sections of readers.

  5. Footwear:Get discounts up to 50% on footwear at all major upcoming salesby Amazon. With top brands under the hood of this deal you can easily get Nike, Adidas, Skechers and more for a price cut like never before. With the Amazon sale on shoes you can refresh your footwear collection easily.

  6. Kitchen Essentials: Keep up with those necessary supplies of the Kitchen needs at special discounts from Amazon. With up to 50% price drops you can get the best offers during the upcoming Amazon sales in 2020.

  7. Echo Devices: Turn your house into a smart house by simply installing an Echo device manufactured by Amazon. Add this to your list and get discounts up to $30. The Echo devices are the top-selling products in all the past sales by Amazon and is expected to be on the same lines even in the upcoming sales.

  8. Household Essentials: Get the best of household essentials like baby healthcare, moisturizers, scarves, personal care, and nutrition under $25. You can get these products easily in the upcoming Amazon sale for discounted prices.

  9. Toys and Games- Save up to 50% on all purchases made from the toys and games category. The savings can be availed for products costing as low as $25. The deals are assured to prevail even in the upcoming sales of 2020.

  10. Computer and Accessories: Avail savings on all transactions made from the Amazon computer and accessories category. With discounts up to 70% on the category you can select from top brands of computer products and accessories like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer.

Which top products are available in Amazon upcoming sales?

  1. Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker @ $59.92

Discover the versatility of seven appliances in one with this electric pressure cooker that can get you up to 70% efficiency on cooking your food. The instant pot cooker can be used for 7 purposes and is lightweight at just about 8 pounds. Avail this top deal from Amazon in the upcoming sales with “Free No-Rush Shipping”.

  1. The Alice Network: A Novel @ $12.87

This best-selling novel, written by Kate Quinn has been on the top of records when it comes to counting the best fictional books recently. The book traces the story of a girl in the aftermath of World War 2 and has been reviewed as one of the best books of 2019. Amazon has it at the top of its list for the sale seasons.

  1. Metme Women’s Flapper Dress @ $27.71

The Gatsby dress in the women’s fashion category is one of the top products in the Amazon sale. Made out of 100% polyester and sequins, the dress has a zipper closure and v-neck is suited for most formal occasions. You can get this from Amazon for as low as $27.71.

  1. Puma Women’s Avid Evoknit Multi Shoes @ $52.74

Keep the sporty look ready and clean with these top sellers in the Amazon shoes category. The sneakers are in-line street running shoes that provide a formfitting and breathable design. You can buy these shoes easily from Amazon and also avail more discounts during the Amazon upcoming sales.

  1. Hisense 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV @ $269.99

Loaded with features like HDR, 4K gaming, and built-in dual-band wireless connectivity this smart TV is a top pick during the Amazon sale seasons. The upcoming sales might also give various discounts following the price drops on the electronic category. You can also avail extra discounts on electronics here.

  1. Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker @ $24.99

In an internet-enabled era, get this smart speaker from Amazon at a discounted price and extend your reach to smart functions and control all your domestic functions with just a simple voice command. The Echo Dot is a top seller on Amazon in all the sales, so get it as soon as you can at unbelievable discounts.

In case you are in a fix about the Amazon Echo devices or the Google Home devices, read here to get a brief comparison and know what to buy

  1. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones @ $7.84

The wired earphones manufactured by Panasonic is available on Amazon for a price drop and the icing on the cake being the free shipping. Available in 8 vivid fashion color options, these earphones are a top recommendation reason being the 4-star rating given by more than 60,000 customers. Get them before they go out of stock.

  1. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch With Bluetooth @ $189.99

One of the best brands in the market, Samsung is offering discounts on its smartwatch series the Gear S3 which is loaded with features like Bluetooth connectivity, text call notifications and a large 3800 mAh battery. The watch is a top seller in all the major sales so get it as soon as you can.

  1. Apple MacBook Air 8 GB memory @ $699.95

The premium product by Apple is available at a 30% discount from Amazon and is covering all the storage needs with a 128 GB SSD storage drive. The product is marked as the best seller in the entire category. Powered by the Intel i5 Processor, you can get this product for as low as $699.95.

  1. A Long Walk to Water- Based on a True Story- Paperback @ $5.29

Written by Linda Sue Park, the New York Times Bestseller begins as two stories are being told in alternating sections about 11-year-olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985. The book is a top seller in the Amazon books category and should be at the top of your shelves this sale season.

The Amazon sale of 2019 was no less in creating enough ripples in the financial arena. With some of the most amazing deals in the sales, Amazon attracted the crowd and some good chunk of revenue from the most wanted products and categories. To know more information about this visit here.

With some of the most amazing deals coming up on top products and categories, make sure to not miss out on them during the sale season. The discounts can be availed easily from the website. You can also visit www.zouton.com to get yourself updated with top deals on various categories and skim through the best sales and their offers by reading dedicated blogs as well.