AncestryDNA Sale At $59 | August 2022 | Up To $60 Off On Membership

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Expand your search for your genealogy, and find your genetic relatives with AncestryDNA, a state-of-the-art DNA test. Take part in the AncestryDNA Sale today and order your DNA kits at a starting price of $59.

AncestryDNA Sale At $59 | August 2022 | Latest Update

As of now, there is no active Ancestry Sale to avail DNA kits at $59 but users can take maximum benefits of another discount and deals offered by Ancestry.

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Ancestry DNA Sale At $59 | August 2022 | $50 Off AncestryDNA Kits

Ancestry Father’s Day Sale: $50 Off DNA Kits

Discover the origins of your family and find stories as interesting as a tale ever told. Gift your father with an AncestryDNA test kit this Father’s day, save a flat $50 off and begin the discovery of your family tale.

Ancestry DNA Sale At $59 | June 2022 | $50 Off AncestryDNA Kits

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Get flat $50 off on all AncestryDNA Test kits:

    • AncestryDNA Traits

    • AncestryDNA + World Explorer Membership

    • AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Membership

  • Sale applicable to users across US.

  • Avail DNA Test Kits at just $59

  • Make payments online at the Ancestry website

AncestryDNA: DNA Tests For Ethnicity, Genealogy, Family Tree, And More

Get simple, accurate, and affordable DNA tests from the comfort of your home with AncestryDNA test kits. Dig deep into your and your family’s origin, take advantage of the AncestryDNA Sale and order test kits at $59.

AncestryDNA Benefits
AncestryDNA + World Explorer Membership
AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Membership

All new Ethnicity and Inheritance Feature




DNA Matches: Connecting with others who match your DNA




3 Month World Explorer Membership




35+ Personal Traits




3 Months All Access Membership




AncestryDNA Sale Price

AncestryDNA Sale at $59

Starting at $60

Discount Price: $149

Important notes to remember:

  • AncestryDNA Sale excludes shipping

  • Sale deal is for new and returning subscribers only and not applicable for renewal

  • You will always be in full control of your DNA Data

AncestryDNA | Activate A DNA Kit & Reveal Your Story

  • Get clear cut historical insight coupled with rich geographical details of your ancestors

  • Connect to places where your story started

  • Discover any of your living relatives

  • No other test delivers such a unique, interactive experience

  • Join a community of over 20 million

  • Unfold your inheritance from parental sides

  • Understand why you have certain physical and personal traits

  • Create a family tree by combining data with million others 

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FAQs | Ancestry DNA Sale At $59 | August 2022

1.Is AncestryDNA worth the money?

AncestryDNA is a highly useful and cost effective tool for you if you want to explore the origins of your family and heritage. The service is easy to use and the results are backed up with abundant online resources helping you confirm your Ancestry.

2.Which is better: AncestryDNA or 23andMe?

Although both are highly popular and recognised genealogy companies, Ancestry boasts a much larger customer database of over 20 million users, giving you access to a greater network of genealogical and historical records.

3.Is the AncestryDNA sale at $59 active again?

Yes, this father’s day, Ancestry has resumed its AncestryDNA Sale at $59. Order your AncestryDNA test kit today and get a flat $50 off.


Understand your family genealogy, uncover the great tales of your ancestors and create a family tree for everyone to wonder. Partake in the AncestryDNA Sale at $59, order your DNA kits and start the search for your ancestors.

By Soniya Bisht - Author