AT&T Phone Deals 2022 | Claim Upto $800 Off On Samsung, Apple And More

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Phones have easily replaced a lot of gadgets and it would be completely accurate to say that phones have become an important part of our lives. AT&T phone deals will let you know the best choice for you while saving upto $800 on your purchase.

AT&T Phone Deals (August 2022) | 100% Verified 

AT&T Phone Deals 



Get $1000 Off | AT&T IPhone 13 Pro Max

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IPhone 12 Mini At $1/Month 

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Upto $800 Off | Google Pixel 6 Pro

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Upto $1000 Off | AT&T Sale 2022

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AT&T Phone Deals | Top Picks

Samsung | Upto $800 Off 

IPhone Deals | Upto $1000 Off 

Google Pixel | 32% Off 

Moto Plus | Upto 25% Off

AT&T Phone Deals | Top Brands 

AT&T Samsung Phone Coupons and Deal | Save Upto $800

Retrieve the heavenly discount on your favourite brand and get home the latest and affordable Samsung mobile phone. With features that will leave you craving and price that is undeniably economic. 

Users can grab savings upto $800 on Samsung galaxy S22 ultra which is starting from $33.4 per month with multiple payment options at your disposal. 

Details of the offer:

  • No minimum purchase value required.

  • Make purchases online via website or app.

  • Both new and existing users can avail the discount.

  • Pricing options available: AT&T instalment plan or full retail price.

  • Payment via debit/credit cards, net banking and more.

Features | Samsung S22 Ultra 

  • Available capacity: 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB

  • Avail free storage update on pre-orders.

  • Users can also attain 512 GB starting from $36.12.

  • Early upgrade deal is available on this product.

  • Free standard shipping can be availed by customers.

Other Samsung Top Deals 

AT&T Samsung Deals | Most Recommended Buys  

Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra 

Samsung S21 + 5G

Samsung Galaxy note 20 

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AT&T IPhone Deals And Coupons | Save Upto $1000

We might not take a stand when it comes to debate between android or IPhone but we can surely make it easier for you to pick when it comes to discounts. Customers can take home amazing IPhone 13 pro max and get $1000 off on their purchase.

AT&T IPhone Deals And Coupons | Save Upto $1000

Details of the offer:

  • The deal is not subjected to minimum purchase value.

  • All users can avail the discount.

  • Users must make purchases online via website or app.

  • AT&T installment plan is starting from $30.56 per month.

  • Get free shipping on your orders.

Features of the Product

  • Get up to $1000 in bill credits with trade-in value of $290 or above

  • Up to $800 in bill credits with trade-in value of $95 or above

  • Up to $350 in bill credits with trade-in value of min. $35

  • Get 1024 GB starting from $44.45 per month 

  • Enrol AT&T next up at +$5 per month

  • Trade in your current device and save upto $2.78 per month 

Other IPhone Top Deals

  1. Apple IPhone 13 – starting from $22.23 per month 

  2. Apple IPhone 12 prepaid – starting from $5.00 per month (Discount - $15 per month)

  3. Apple IPhone 13 Mini prepaid – starting from $19.45 per month 

  4. Apple IPhone 12 pro Prepaid – starting from $25 per month 

  5. Apple IPhone 12 pro Max – starting from $27.78 per month 

AT&T IPhone Deals | Top Selling products 

Apple IPhone 11 

Apple Iphone 13 

Apple Iphone 12 Pro

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AT&T Google Pixel Deals And Coupons | Save Upto $800

Looking to buy mobiles can be an exhausting thought and that is why we have come up with a deal to make this process easier for you. With Google pixel 6 pro, customers can save upto $800 on your purchase with other benefits.

Details of the deal:

  • No requirement of minimum cart value.

  • Both new and existing users can avail the discount.

  • Both new & existing users can redeem up to $800 in bill credits with a smartphone trade-in value of $35 or higher.

  • Make purchases online via website or app.

  • The deal is redeemable multiple times per user.

Features of the Product

  • Get 256 GB at $28.89 per month and 128 GB at $26.17 per month.

  • Users can avail AT&T installment plan at $26.12 per month.

  • Enrol AT&T next up +$5 per month.

  • Available in 2 colours – black and white 

  • Get free shipping on your orders.

Google Pixel | Top Deals

  1. Google pixel 6 pro – starting from $26.12 per month 

  2. Google pixel 6 – starting from $20.6 

AT&T Store Appointment 

Hurry before any of the above deals go out of stock because as much as you care about your new phone, we care about you. AT&T offers an appointment booking for any product related or even to make a purchase.

You can select the “customer type” option by visiting the website and book yourself an appointment.

AT&T also offers the option of changing your appointment date in case of any change in plans rescheduling your date to any other.

FAQs | AT&T Phone Deals 

1. How can I avail AT&T phone deals coupons?

Simply head over to the Zouton website and lookout for AT&T coupon store. Avail all the Phone coupons and get a chance to save abundant on your purchases. Get upto $800 on your orders.

2. Can I get AT&T student discount?

No currently AT&T student discount is inactive, however users can make use of various other coupons to claim savings on their orders.

3. How do I get free shipping on my orders?

AT&T offers free shipping on all your orders without any minimum purchase value.


Paying full prices for the latest gadgets was the thing of the past. With AT&T phone deals, you can take care of your monthly budget and can still get hold of the latest mobile phone. We recommend you to subscribe to the Zouton website if you want to stay updated on the latest deals.

By Yuvakshi Bhardwaj - Content Specialist