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We, here at Zouton, are providing you with a list of all the best Wingstop flavors ranked so you know what to go for the next time you have wings. Use your Wingstop coupons to enjoy great deals on your order. 

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Best Wing Flavors At Wingstop

Ranked below are the 14 Wingstop sauces from the least likable to the most likable based on popular opinion. Use your Wingstop coupons to get each of these as suits your palette 

1. Hickory Smoked BBQ Wingstop 

The Hickory Smoked Barbeque makes it to the top of our list not only because Wingstop gets it absolutely right with its tangy taste and extra smoky feel, but also because it is good for both adults and children. While the tangy taste is an absolute winner among the kids, the pepper kick at the back of your tongue is for all those who enjoy the thrill of spice, making this flavor one of the most likable Wingstop buffalo sauces.

2. Mango Habanero Wingstop 

The Mango Habanero is probably the best thing that can come out of a sweet and spicy combo. Initially, as you take a deep bite into your Wingstop wing, you get lost in the sweet and syrupy taste of mango, only to be caught by the spicy habanero, which cuts through the fruity taste and reigns over your tongue; all the way from the front to the back.

3. Wingstop Garlic Parmesean 

The only drawback these flavorful wings have which kept them from our number 1 position is their strong garlic flavor, which might be a bit too strong because of its pungent smell residue. Other than that, this flavor is gold. Parmesan cheese, garlic, and butter! Who knew they could make such a good combination. The wings almost taste like garlic bread with not a tinge of artificial taste. 

4. Cajun 

This sauce is only ranked fourth because of its flattering spice level; otherwise, it is quite disappointing for its name. The very vehement pepper flavor that completely resembles the cayenne flavor is all the Louisiana flavor it has in it.

5. Spicy Korean Q Sauce

What Cajun Barbeque gets wrong with its sweet and sour mix, it gets perfect. Further, the ingredients of garlic and ginger give a flavorful kick of savory and heat that builds up at the back of your throat as an aftertaste.

6. Hot Lemon 

The Hot Lemon is much like the Lemon Pepper, but it ranks higher on our list solely because of its high spice level. Apart from that, you can barely tell the two flavors apart.

7. Atomic 

This is where the actual heat begins on our list, and no other sauce is better to start this list than Atomic. This thin sauce void of butter is ideal because it accentuates the heat in the sauce, making it, as its name suggests, atomic.

8. Original Hot

This is the flavor that started it all for Wingstop. This was what they used to grease your wings before they started experimenting with patent hot sauces. With the generic name comes a generic taste. This hot sauce is like the typical hot sauce that you have with your wings.

9. Lemon Pepper 

Unlike lemon garlic, lemon pepper does well for itself with its refreshing lemon flavor and subtle hints of spice coming from its pepper ingredient. The sauce, with its ideal balance of both ingredients, can be a good addition to your personal sauce cupboard whenever you’re having fried foods at home.

10. Mild 

Mild, as the name suggests, is mild. The sauce works well if you have a 7-year-old at home eager to try the hot sauce for the first time. With minimal heat, this sauce is a mere ‘PASS’ at the school of Top Wingstop Flavor. 

11. Cajun Barbeque

The sour Cajun spices and the sweet hickory barbeque sauce might seem like a good idea on paper, but they don't leave many marks when presented on the plate. The two flavors, which are otherwise incredible as individuals, fail terribly as a mixture. 

12. Lemon Garlic

The Lemon Garlic flavor at Wingstop ranks number 12 on our list due to its pungent aftertaste of artificial ingredients. Not only do the lemon and garlic not go together, but there is a strong artificial taste to the flavor of lemon and butter which has been doused in the sauce. 

13. Louisiana Rub 

The Louisiana Rub falls short of an authentic hot sauce taste. The sauce gives the feeling of oil dripping off your wings instead of hot sauce. The sauce seems to be made of a layer of oil and a sprinkle of fire powder to give it that authentic Cajun taste. 

14. Hawaiian 

To much disappointment, the only thing Hawaiian about the Hawaiian Wingstop flavor is its name. This sweet and sour sauce is suitable only if you are craving the saucy feeling of a wing without the heat of a hot sauce. The tangy taste of the hot sauce leaves a subtle sour aftertaste, almost reminding you of Chinese orange chicken. 

Author’s Recommendations 


1. How spicy is Mango Habanero? 

The Habanero has SHUs, or Scoville Heat Units, of between 100,000 and 350,000, making them about 12 to 100 times hotter than your jalapeno peppers. 

2. Can you mix flavors at Wingstop? 

Wingstop itself, as a chain, does not mix its flavors, but we can. One very common Wingstop flavor combo is Hawaiian with Cajun shake. Our favorite, however, is Lemon Pepper with Original Hot. 

3. How hot is Atomic at Wingstop? 

Atomic, much like Mango Habanero, is made of 100,000 to 350,000 SHUs ranging from Habanero peppers. Along with that, it doesn't have that fruity release of mango that the other one has, so naturally Atomic is all spice and no talk. 


Wingstop has a wide range of sauces to suit every American palate. Get your Wingstop buffalo sauce at an outlet near you or order it online on their website. Use the Wingstop coupon code to get exclusive discounts at the time of checkout.

By Aparajita Podder - Author