Doordash Referral Code: Earn $10 Credits For Every Eligible Order

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By Anandita Hore - Digital Content Writer Jun 30 2020 Share this blog

On days when I crave Shrimp Soup, Focaccia Bread and a Cheeseburger all at once, I’m left with no choice but to order food from DoorDash. Besides, bringing luscious food to my door at free of cost delivery, it also lets me save up to $15 via the distinctive Doordash referral code. 

What Is The Doordash Referral Code?


Doordash Referral Code


All Restaurants

Refer & Earn

Value of credits may differ as per different locations

Email Referral


Min. Order Value required: $30

*Also read: Doordash promo codes for existing users.

doordash promo code

Insights Of Doordash Referral Code 2020

Grab on to the given Doordash referral code brought to you by Zouton to save bucks and energy on an otherwise painstaking task of fixing a supper. Find more details here:

doordash promo code

Doordash Refer & Earn 

  • Existing users need to share their referral links with their friends & family 
  • Applicable on online orders placed via app or website
  • Discount is applicable on various cuisines: American, Spanish, Mexican and more
  • Can be redeemed up to 25 times
  • Multiple modes of payment options are available:
    • Net-banking
    • Wallets
    • PayPal
    • Credit or debit cards
  • Can be merged with other running Doordash coupons and deals

Type Of User

Regular User

New User

Doordash Credits Earned


Up To $15( $5 per order on first 3 orders)

Min. Order Value

Not required


Flat $15 On Group Orders

  • Use the Doordash referral code GORL9251 at the checkout page
    • Only applicable for people with email referral 
  • Minimum cart value should be $30 or above
  • Accessible via all Doordash platforms
  • Multiple payment options are available
  • Redeemable on all restaurants

How To Redeem The Doordash Referral Code 2020?

Doordash referral code is a part of the referral system that helps not only the existing users to earn $10, but also the new users to get $5 off on their first three orders.

The old dasher can use the credits earned on a future order placed via the Doordash app and website. For everyone willing to walk an extra mile for bonus savings, simply follow these elementary steps in order to earn the referral value.

Steps to avail the Doordash referral code for existing users

Doordash promo code

The DoorDash app might confuse you if you are a new user, and it is justified because there are two sets of apps for Android and iOS devices. As a customer, you need to get the Food Delivery app. Here is a link for Android users and one for Apple users.

  • Launch the app on your tablet or phone.

  • Select the Account option on Doordash website.

  • Then, tap on Refer Friends, Get $10 credits.

  • You’ll land on your DoorDash referral page. Here, you can see your referral code. 

  • Your referral needs to use your unique referral code while placing the order in order for you to redeem the discount.

  • You can share it via social media outlets, SMS, or email. Choose the option you like and start sharing your code right away.

Steps to avail the Doordash referral code for new users

  • Make sure you’re a first time user on Doordash.

  • Open the Doordash website or install the app.

  • Click on the Sign-up section to sign-up at Doordash.

  • Enter the necessary personal information like your name, email ID, password and referral code provided by your friend.

  • Congratulations! You get $5 off on your first 3 orders at Doordash.

  • Start ordering mouth-watering food from the best in business- McDonald’s, Wendy’s, White Castle, Papa John’s and more.

  • Order for a minimum of $15 to redeem the Doordash referral code.

  • Also, get free delivery for the next 30 days, after you place your first order. 

Check your DoorDash Credits at the Checkout menu as shown in the image 

I feel Doordash has revolutionized the entire concept of ordering food by eliminating the need to physically visit the restaurants. With the boon of the Doordash referral code, one can literally earn $10 sitting at home. Doordash definitely leaves no stone unturned by offering the lowest prices and the best quality to its users. 

DoorDash Referral Code : Terms & Conditions

To receive a referral incentive, your referral must:

  • Be a new customer who has never previously created a DoorDash account, or (b) never used a phone number or credit card that has previously been linked to a DoorDash account

  • Use your unique referral link to sign up

  • Place an order with the required minimum subtotal amount shown on your referral signup page

  • If your referral meets these requirements, their incentive will automatically be applied at checkout for their first order.

  • Once your referral has placed a qualifying order, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and your credits will be automatically applied to your next order.

  • If you both meet the requirements, credits can take up to 24 hours to reflect on your account.

Become A Dasher/Driver & Refer Your Friends 

As a Dasher, you can be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when, where, and how much you earn. All you need is a mode of transportation and a smartphone to start making money. It’s that simple. Adhere to the requirements and terms of sign up as listed in the image below. 

Doordash driver sign-up

Doordash Driver Referral Code

To get your dasher referral bonus at DoorDash you have to sign with a working and valid Doordash referral code. Doordash has a set of rules about it.

  • Doordash has restrictions in their referral program.

  • Unlike Postmates delivery code or Uber driver promo code, Doordash does not authorize the spread of referral code via website or social media.

  • A Dasher can refer a maximum of 15 new drivers. Referrals made by a Dasher in excess of this limit will not activate bonuses for either the referring or referred Dasher.

Do not miss the opportunity to get your DoorDash drivers sign up bonus by using a non valid referral phone number. 

Doordash Driver Sign up Bonus: How Does It Work?

Are you wondering if there is a sign up bonus for DoorDash? Go through some important points to know about the DoorDash driver sign up:

  1. Doordash sign up bonus offers minimum guaranteed earnings of up to $1,000.

  2. To qualify for the new driver promotion, you have to use a valid DoorDash Driver referral code or referral link at sign up.

Previously the sign up bonus was on top of your driver earnings. With DoorDash driver sign up bonus, you can now earn a minimum guaranteed amount on completion of a certain number of deliveries in a specified time period. If you happen to earn less than that amount after achieving the required number of deliveries DoorDash will pay you the difference.

How do I refer other Dashers/Drivers?

DoorDash drivers have a different app to themselves. They use the DoorDash Driver app, available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Here’s how to refer your friends to become Dashers:

  1. Launch the Driver app on your mobile device.

  2. Then, press Dash from the Home menu.

  3. Select the Refer Friends option.

  4. This page will show you the basic Dasher referral info (how big of a bonus you and the invitee can get). Choose Invites.

  5. You can send your Dasher referral code via email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook.

Top-running Doordash Promo Codes 2020

After a thorough research over the entire cyberspace we have assembled a table consisting of all the verified Doordash promo codes. All you are now required to do is trace through it quickly and pick the one(s) you most desired. Copy the code and proceed to Doordash and add items to your cart. Paste the copied code at the checkout and the concession will automatically be added to your overall value. 

Discounts Attainable

Doordash Promo Code

Code Description

Max. $15 OFF On All Orders


Valid at all participating locations

Get 25% OFF 


For New users only

Avail 25% Exemption


Redeemable by ALL users

Flat $7 Discount On All Restaurants


For new & old users

Save 25% On All Food Orders


Min. Order value required is $15

Bag $5 Concession


Applicable only for a limited Time

Flat $5 OFF 


Redeemable by new users only

Enjoy 25% Discount on Convenience Order


Exclusive For New User

Most Redeemed Doordash Coupons & Discount Codes 2020

The online delivery services have taken a splurge during this pandemic crisis and so are the deals and concessions on them. And at Zouton, we are making sure you don’t skip out on ANY of them. Here is a brief list of all the on-going deals at Doordash.

Flat 25% OFF On Orders Above $15

  • Minimum purchase value is $15
  • Applicable for new users only
  • Use the Doordash coupon code 25OFFNEW
  • Orders can be placed via Doordash app or website as well
  • The restaurants under this deal includes:
    • Winstop
    • McDonald’s 
    • Blaze Pizza
    • Chick-fil-A and many more
  • Maximum savings is $20
  • Can be used along with Doordash referral code and other deals
  • Application of doordash promo code is mandatory

Flat $15 OFF On First Order

  • Apply the Doordash promo code at the checkout page to score more savings
  • No cap on minimum order value
  • Accessible via Doordash web and app
  • Redeemable on all restaurants
  • Applicable on all participating locations
  • Cannot be merged with other running Doordash coupons & referral codes
  • Free delivery is also available on orders above $15

Earn $300 per Month As Doordash Driver

doordash offers

  • New as well as old users can apply to be Doordash driver
  • Apply online via Doordash website
  • Following are the criteria to be Doordash’s driver:
    • Required age: 18+ yrs
    • US driver’s license is mandatory or social security number
  • Auto insurance of personal vehicles
  • Applicable at all participating locations:
    • Puerto Rico
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • New Jersey and more
  • Can be clubbed with Doordash referral code
  • Multiple modes of payment options are available

Avail $5 Concession  | Limited Time Deal

  • Accessible on Doordash web and app
  • Redeemable only on pick-up orders
  • Credible for new as well as old users
  • Apply the Doordash coupon code at the payout page
  • The restaurants include:
    • MsDonald’s 
    • Wingstop
    • North Italia
    • Subway and many more
  • Minimum order value required is $10
  • Several modes of transactions are available
  • Cannot be clubbed with Doordash referral code and deals
  • Valid only for a limited time

Save 20% On Select Restaurants | NEW USER EXCLUSIVE

  • Can be redeemed several times by a user
  • Credible on all Doordash platforms
  • Enjoy free delivery on orders above $10
  • Following are the restaurants under deal:
    • 7-Eleven
    • French Press
    • Ghost grille
    • Outlaw burger and many others
  • Applicable by new users only
  • All modes of payment options are available:
    • PayPal
    • Credit or debit cards
    • Net-Banking
  • Can be used along with the above mentioned Doordash referral code

*Gauge at the Doordash promo codes for New Users to make the most of your newbie privilege. 

Popular Doordash Deals & Discounts 2020

We are listing some of the most popular Doordash coupons, deals, and discounts for you in this table below. From burgers to pizzas, salads, and more, whatever that’s that you’re craving right now can be brought under whooping concessions.


Doordash Coupons


All Restaurants

Flat $5 Off on $10+ Orders


Min. Order value: $10

Native Foods

Get FREE Delivery

For all users

All Orders

$5 OFF on Next 3 Orders


Applicable for all locations


Save $5 On $15+ Orders


For new & old users

*If interested you can also check out these extensive array of coupons and deals by other food delivery retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of users I can refer?

You will redeem a referral bonus only for the first 25 referrals who place a qualifying order using your referral link. 

How long does it take to get your referral bonus at DoorDash?

Once your referral has placed a qualifying order, you'll receive a confirmation email, and your credits will be automatically applied to your next order. If you both meet the requirements, credits can take up to 24 hours to reflect on your account.

What to do if the referral bonus we were promised at DoorDash changed?

Our referral amounts are accurate as of when you sent an invite to your referral. However, our referral amounts frequently change, so we recommend that your referral sign up immediately after receiving your referral link.

Are there restrictions on how and where I can share my referral link?

Your referral link should be shared with people you know personally. Posting it on websites accessible to the general public (including Google, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, coupon sites, and others), buying paid ads, spamming people you don’t know, or otherwise misrepresenting the offer or your relationship with DoorDash may make you ineligible to receive referral credits. DoorDash reserves the sole discretion in determining whether a referral qualified for credits. 

Does the referral amount at Doordash keep on changing?

You will only receive credits for the first 25 customers who successfully place a qualifying order using your referral link.

If your questions were not answered right, check the DoorDash Customer-Friends and Family Referral Program Terms and Conditions.