Free Spotify Premium Code (March 2023): Get 3 Months Of Free Streaming On All Plans

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Find the right music for every moment with Spotify Premium and enjoy FREE ad-free streaming for one month! Employ the free Spotify Premium code today to get started and make extra savings via the available Spotify coupons and deals.

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Free Spotify Premium Code & Deals (March 2023): Trending Now 

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Spotify Premium Plan | Free For 3 Months

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Free 30-Days Trial | Get Spotify Duo Plan

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Get 1 Month Free Spotify Premium Student Plan

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Subscribe To Spotify Premium At Just $9.99

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How To Redeem The Free Spotify Premium Code Subscription?

Spotify Premium Plan | Spotify 3 Months Free March 2023

Utilize Spotify Premium to listen to your favourite artists' music without interruption! Use the Free Spotify Premium Codes to activate a free 3-month subscription with no additional fees.

Spotify Premium Code For Free Subscription

Unlock 100% Access To:

  • Music | Original Podcasts | Curated Playlists | Daily Mixes, etc.

  • Free Spotify Premium Code - Not Needed

  • Spotify Coupon Details:

  • Pay $9.99/month post-free trial to continue

  • Spotify Promo premium redeem code free can be used by new users only

  • Sign up with PayPal to get this limited-time deal

  • Cannot club with other Free Spotify Premium Codes.

Spotify Duo Premium Plan | Free 30-Day Trial For New Users

Switch to Spotify now and register as a new user to begin your free Premium account trial! Without using a Free Spotify Premium Code, take advantage of all the premium plan's benefits for 30 days at no cost.

Free 30-Day Trial For New Users

Applicable To

All Plans - Individual | Duo | Family | Student

Get 100% Access To

2 Premium Accounts, Songs, Albums, Playlists, Podcasts, etc

Enjoy Premium Features Like

Ad-free music | Offline Playback | Unlimited Skips, etc

Free Spotify Premium Code

Not need to get a free trial

After the trial ends, make a payment of $12.99 per month to continue with this plan.

Payment Mode

Bank Cards | Netbanking | Wallets

Spotify Student Discount | Save $23.98/Month

There are some wonderful benefits to being a student, like cheap subscriptions to your favourite services! Apply for the Spotify Student Plan to receive 80% off your plan after the free trial and one month of Spotify Premium for free.

Get FREE Access To:

  • Study Playlists | Motivational Podcasts | Ambience Mixes, etc.

  • Free Spotify Premium Code 2023 - Not Required

Discount Details:

  • Pay $4.99/month post-free trial to get these services:

  • Spotify Premium

  • Hulu Subscription (Ad-Supported)

  • Can be redeemed by verified students only

  • Use SheerID to verify your student status

  • Multiple payment modes are available:

    • VISA | MasterCard | AmEx Cards | PayPal, etc

Note: This discount is open to only higher education students who haven't tried Premium.

Free Spotify Premium Plans 2023 | March Edition

Each of Spotify Premium's 4 plans—Individual, Duo, Family, and Student—has been carefully chosen to address the needs of a particular user. As the name implies, a single user, a pair for a couple, and up to six premium accounts are permitted under a family plan.

Check out everything your Premium Subscription has to deal with below:





1 Month Free

1 Month Free

1 Month Free

1 Month Free





Listen To Ad-Free Music

Play Anywhere - Even offline

On-Demand Playback

2 Premium Accounts

Duo Mix: Playlists For Two, Regularly Updated 

Ad-Free Music Listening, Play Offline, On-Demand Playback

6 Premium Accounts

Family Mix: Playlist For Family, Regularly Updated

Block Explicit Music

Ad-Free Music Listening, Play Offline, On-Demand Playback

Access To Spotify Kids

Hulu (Ad-Supported) Plan


Listen To Music Ad-Free

Play Anywhere - Even Offline

On-Demand Playback

Spotify Premium Perks 

Enjoy uninterrupted time with your favorite music! For a starting price of $4.99 and above, gain access to millions of artists, playlists, podcasts, and much more.

Download Music And

Listen Offline Wherever You go

Enjoy Non-Stop Music Streaming

100% Ad-Free Experience

Choose From Millions Of Playlists,

Artists, Albums, Etc.

Unlimited Skips On Anything You Play

Just Hit NEXT.


Spotify Premium Family

Family members residing under the same roof may use up to six Premium accounts. Just $15.99 each month after the first month is free. You can each listen to your own music without having to wait for anyone else to finish theirs with different accounts.

Spotify Premium Student | Additional- Hulu And Showtime

After your trial, pay only $4.99 per month for Premium, Hulu (with ads), and SHOWTIME. Anytime, cancel. Without commercial interruptions and offline, listen to millions of songs. 

Create your own playlists and share them, or listen to curated playlists and original podcasts from Spotify. Find the music you love and find new artists to like.

Spotify Kids app

There is a vast universe of sound. Only with the new Spotify Kids app, let kids explore it on their own or with you at their side. You can only access this with a Spotify Premium Family membership. Just $15.99 each month after the first month is free. Anytime, cancel.

Spotify Premium Duo

Two Premium accounts for married couples living together. Free for the first month, then $12.99 each. Anytime, cancel. You won't have to alternate listening to music if you have two separate accounts.

Free Spotify Premium Code V/S Apple Music | Compare And Save On Free Music Subscription Plans

Here is a brief comparison of Spotify Premium versus Apple Music, another well-known music streaming service, in case you are still debating whether or not to subscribe. Examine the highlights of the two subscriptions and choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Spotify Premium

Apple Music

Free Trial

3 Months (via PayPal)

3 Months (New Apple ID)

Individual Plan



Family Plan



Student Plan



Duo Plan



Premium Features

Ad-Free & Offline Playback

Unlimited Skips

Curated Playlists & Mixes

On-Demand Playback

Original Podcasts & Shows

Personalized Playlists

Live Radio Stations

Download & Listen Offline

Original Shows, Concerts, Exclusive Content

Voice Assistant Support

Amazon Alexa | Google Assistant | Siri

Only Siri

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Frequently Asked Questions | Free Spotify Premium Code

1. Is Spotify premium code for free available?

New users can sign up at Spotify to unlock a 30-day free trial to enjoy premium features at zero cost.

2. Is Spotify offering a student discount?

Yes, verified students can enjoy free Spotify Premium for one month and then redeem a 50% discount on their plan fee post-free trial. Spotify Student plan also comes with Hulu (ad-supported) and Showtime subscription, all for $4.99/month.

3. Can I share my Spotify account?

Spotify Duo Plan offers 2 premium accounts that can be shared between users, and Family Plan allows up to 6 premium accounts on a single plan.

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Let the music never stop because with the free Spotify Premium code you can enjoy unlimited access to FREE music, playlists, podcasts, and much more. Enjoy your free trial for 3 months and pay only $9.99/month post-trial to continue the fun!

By Shalini Shukla - Author