Registrations For Lowe’s Kids Workshop For May | Sign Up For Free Birdhouse Project Kit And More

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Apr 18 2022 Share this blog

Let your kids explore the potential of their craftiness with Lowe’s do-it-yourself projects and see your mini DIYers put their skills to use and blossom their crafts with the help of Lowe’s kids workshop kits, events and on-demand content.

Lowe’s Kids Workshop List 2022 | Featured Workshops | Date & Timing

Lowe’s Kids Workshop 2022 List

Workshop Attending Detail

Date And Time Of Registration

Feed Your Feathered Friends Workshop

Workshop Hosted In Store By Lowe’s Field Experts

  • Submissions close May 6

  • Workshop begins on May 7

  • Choose your slot between 9 AM - 12 PM

Make the Neighbors Jealous with colorful flower beds

Livestream And In Store

  • Submissions Close 19th April

  • Livestream Starts at 8PM onwards

Score a Hole-In-One Kids Workshop

Workshop Hosted In Store By Lowe’s Experts

  • Submissions close on June 17

  • Workshop start at June 18

  • Reserve your slot between 9 AM - 12 PM

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Lowe’s Free Build And Grow Kids Workshops 

Build Your Own Farmers Market With A Raised Garden Bed

Train your child in the art of growing vegetables and fruits with this Lowe’s Red Vest Associate Build Your Own Farmers Market Workshop.

The Workshop is live now and can be viewed at Lowe’s DIY Workshops section on Lowe’s website or app. Join the pre recorded livestream provided by Red Vest Experts at Lowe’s and learn project based skills.

Build Your Own Farmers Market With A Raised Garden Bed

With this workshop, you and your kid will learn to grow dinner in your backyard with a custom raised garden bed designed according to your needs. Get valuable tips for growing vegetables and discover the joys of gardening at your fingertips. 

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Make the Neighbors Jealous with colorful flower beds

Help your kids design their own unique flower beds. Uplift the appeal of your garden with Lowe’s workshop kits, plant by numbers, fill them up with popping colors and let your garden express your personality in the boldest way.

Make the Neighbors Jealous with colorful flower beds

Join the Lowe’s Free Build and Grow Livestream starting on April 19 at 8 PM EST. Create your own personal landscape with Lowe’s easy to follow flower bed design tips and show pride with the masterpiece you create with your child.

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Upcoming Lowe’s Kids Workshop 2022 Schedule | Learn Project Based DIY Skills From Experts

Feed Your Feathered Friends Workshop

Make all the birdie’s feel loved, this mother’s day with Lowe’s Feed Your Feather Friends Workshop. As part of this workshop, your kids will learn to create a wooden birdhouse that would make a great gift for our feathered friends.

Feed Your Feathered Friends Workshop

The submissions for this workshop close on May 6 and the workshop will begin from May 7 onwards at a time slot of your choosing from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Build your own birdhouse either at Lowe’s stores or pick up your kits and build it at home. With a desirable age group of 4 years and older, this is a perfect project to keep your little one entertained.

Score a Hole-In-One Kids Workshop

This father’s day, let your kid explore their do-it-yourself art and craft skills and put them to fore with Lowe’s Score a Hole-in-one kids workshop.

Score a Hole-In-One Kids Workshop

Register for this workshop before June 18, at the time of its commencement at Lowe’s stores near you.

Once signed, you’ll receive a miniature Putting Green Kit as part of Lowe’s kids workshop to get your kid underway. With this workshop, your child not only learns making hand-made gifts, but is also reconciled with the art of gifting and showing love to their fathers.   

Lowe’s Kids Workshop | Fun Activities For Your Kiddos That Require Minimal Supervision

A bored kid can make your space deranged in more ways than one. To help you with this paranoia, here are some fun activities and craft works for kids that require minimal supervision.

DIY Car Track:  Allow your kids the liberty to create their own race track on a hard surface. Customize it with different colors using a washi tape, toilet paper rolls, paper race flags and a bunch of toy cars.

DIY I-Spy Challenge: Utilize your kids’ love for mystery challenges with this I-Spy challenge. Find a clear container or a mason jar and hide a variety of small items between pellets or rice and set your kid off to find them.

DIY Story Stones: Have your kids go rock hunting in the backyard and use those stones to help your kids bring their imaginative stories to life. Use paint pens, chalk etc to create a story on the stone surface.

Building Toys: Building toys challenge your kids’ creativity, imagination and motor skills. Order some building toys for your kids from any major online retailer and get them playing

Lowe’s Kids Workshop | List Of Services Offered By Lowe’s

Lowe’s offers a wide variety of special services designed to make your everyday projects easier. You can avail of these services at your local Lowe’s store today. 

Here are some of the on-demand services offered by Lowe’s Stores:

-Free Computer Project Designs: Get computer designs for your kitchens and decks from Lowe’s experienced technicians.

-Consultation And Design Services: Avail consultation and design services on building materials, home furnishings, landscaping, roofings, garden designs and more.

-Educational Workshops: Lowe’s provides workshops to educate citizens about home safety and precaution measures

-DIY-U Hub: Participate in DIY workshops to guide you through a variety of home projects. Participate in live streams, purchase Lowe’s store build kits, find productive engagement activities for your kids and transform your living spaces with Lowe's

-1 Year Plant Guarantee: If your trees, shrubs or perennials do not survive a year, they'll be replaced free of charge. Just bring in your plant and your receipt

-Lowe's Delivery and Installation Services: Get up to next day delivery for major appliances and a seven day delivery service along with free installation with Lowe's

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Lowe’s Kids Workshop | Best Deals Of The Season With Lowe’s Spring Fest And More

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Browse through Lowe’s resources and unveil a ton of DIY projects that can keep you and your kids engaged as well as entertained in something worthwhile. Register for Lowe’s Kids Workshop and get them inspired with ideas to build, remodel and redecorate.

By Yash Dagur - Content Specialist