Lowe's Military Discount 2021: Save 10% Off On Appliances, Hardware Items & More

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By Akshita Gogia - Couponing Specialist May 11 2021 Share this blog

Lowe’s commemorates the US armed forces by extending a venerating 10% Lowes Military Discount on all major categories such as flooring, hardware items, cleaning supplies, home appliances, and more!

Lowes Military Discount: Updated Today

Lowes Military Discount
Redeem Discount
Flat 10% Off



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Lowe's Coupons & Deals 2021: Trending NOW

Lowes Coupons
Lowe’s Sale 2021: Up To 60% Off


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Lowe's Military Discount 2021: Verified Today

Are you in quest to save some more on your shopping?  If your answer is in affirmative then you are just at the right place. Lowe's currently is rendering a lucrative discounts worth 10% to all its military shoppers.  If you are a retired veteran, a current active army personnel or have someone in your family who is in military, you would be eligible to redeem this discount

Skim through the details of Lowe's military discount along with other deals. 


Lowe's Military Discount:  Flat 10% Off

As a token of gratitude, Lowe's is currently rendering a straight off 10% rebate to all it's active Military personnel and veterans. If you fall under this category, you can peruse these pointers we have listed below to know more about the same:

  • Shoppers can verify their Military status through the Lowe's website 
  • Lowe's military discount cannot be merged with other coupons 
  • No Lowe's promo code is required to avail of the deal 
  • Categories available: appliances, cleaning supplies, flooring, hardware, more 
  • Get Lowe's free shipping on orders above $45 
  • Customers can opt for easy-store pickup for convenience
  • Shoppers can use any mode of payment.
  • Lowes Military discount would also be serving to the spouses of the active personnel and veterans.

Who Are Eligible For Lowe's Military Discount 2021? 

Lowes expresses its gratitude to the US armed forces by offering the Military discount to the following: 

  • US Army
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Navy
  • US Air Force
  • US Coast Guard
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • The United States Public Health Service (USPHS)
  • National Guard

Steps To Sign-Up For The Lowe’s Military Discount: Details

  • Shoppers need to sign in or create a new Lowe's account to acquire the discount. 
  • Secondly, customers need to add or just confirm the primary Lowe’s address. 
  • Lastly, the shoppers need to fill out the credentials so that their military status can be verified.

Steps To Avail Of Lowe’s Military Discount: In-Store 

Once the shoppers are done buying their choice of products customers need to show the following documents to the cashier to avail the Lowe’s military discount in the store. 

  • Give My Lowe’s card/ Phone number to the cashier. 
  • A genuine photo ID to verify military status and identity. 
  • Valid IDs for verification are:
    • Driver’s License 
    • State or Federal-issued identification card 
    • Department of Defense identification card 
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Lowe's Coupons & Promo Codes 2021: Weekly Picks

Lowe's 40 off discount

a) Customers At Lowe’s To Get Up to 60% Off:

Lowe’s Sale will let you score a staggering up to 60% discount on diverse categories. No minimum order value is required to avail of Lowe’s coupon. 

  • Lowe’s discount varies up to: 

Lowe’s Categories 



Avail Up to 60% Discount 


Save Up to 10%                                                                             

Home Decor

Get Up to 30% Off 

  • The orders need to be placed on Lowe’s app and website 

  • Get Lowe’s free shipping on orders above $45

  • Both existing and new Lowe’s customers can avail of the deal 

  • Customers are eligible for in-store pickup too 

  • No Lowe’s promo code is required at the checkout 

  • Shoppers don’t need to place a minimum order value at Lowe’s 

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b) Get An Extra 20% Off via Lowe's Advantage Card

  • Deals that come along with Lowe's advantage card:
  • Deal can be accessed by both new and existing advantage cardholders
  • Available categories under this deal are kitchen appliances, home decor, tools, garden decor & more
  • Pay via Lowe's Advantage card & save

Exclusions: Lowe's Business credit account, and all Lowe's Canada credit accounts. 

Learn more about special financing and avail of special deals by visiting the Lowe's website.

Curbside Pickup Service At Lowe’s

c)Opt For Curbside Pickup Service At Lowe’s

The acclimatization of the new normal will take time. Meanwhile, you can shop with Lowe’s curbside pickupdelivery to ensure safety for everyone. 

  • Both old and new Lowe’s customers can redeem the deal 

  • Customers to use modes of payment such as PayPal, Lowe’s gift cards, cards 

  • No need to place a minimum amount of order at the checkout 

  • The categories included under this deal: Home, Kitchen appliances, bathroom, home decor

  • The Curbside pickup is available across all the US cities

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Lowe’s Military Discount 2021: Exclusions

Lowe’s offers a 10% military discount applicable in-store and online as well but there are some exclusions to this discount. To use your military discount you need to keep certain things in mind, like

  • Military discount does not necessarily apply to every product available on Lowes’. There are products for which your military discount won’t be applicable.

  • You can not club your military discount with any other offers, coupons, promotions, discounts or markdowns, Lowes price match guarantee, etc.

  • This discount can not be used on any gift cards, past purchases, or services like installation, assembly, or shipping.

  • It can not be redeemed for cash and also can not be combined with any price adjustments. 

  • This non-transferable discount can not be availed by a dishonorably discharged veteran. 

  • Lowe’s holds the right to revoke your enrollment status if found being misused.

Lowe’s Military Discount: How to Use?

As mentioned previously, this military discount by Lowe’s is applicable on certain eligible purchases. 

  • To avail, the offer all you have to do is to log into your MyLowe’s account on Lowes.com

  • If you have enrolled yourself for this program, then your discount would be available on your MyLowe’s account.

  • Once you log in, the discount will be automatically applied to eligible items during checkout.

  • If you want to redeem this discount in-store instead of online, then you have to provide the cashier with your contact number associated with MyLowe’s program and along with a valid photo ID.

  • A discount will be applied to your purchases after verification of your account.

  • For spouses to avail of this offer, matching both the last names is necessary.

The History of Lowe's With US Army

The company and its tryst with success dating back to 1921 when L.S. Lowe established a hardware store in a less popular town situated in North Wilkesboro, NC. His son James Lowe succeeded him as the store manager after L.S. Lowe died. James later participated in World War II as a soldier in the US Army along with his brother Carl Buchan leaving the store management with his mother and sister. He came back in 1943 after the US Army discharged him for sustaining an injury from the war.

Lowe’s Mother's Day Sale 2021: Highlights

If you really can not think of anything to gift her this coming Mother’s Day, then head right over to Lowe's and start exploring the varied AFFORDABLE options, starting from just $0.98 onwards. But before you do that, take a brief look at these terms and conditions below:

Coupon Details:

  • Valid for new as well as old users
  • Can be clubbed with Lowe's military discounts
  • Redeemable several timer per user
Payment Mode: All
Categories include: Home decor, outdoors, appliances, kitchen, etc.

FAQs About Lowe’s Military Discounts 2021

a) Where to get the latest Lowe’s coupons and deals? 

Customers can get all the ongoing Lowe’s coupons and deals on the website and app. You can also head to the Zouton website to find all the coupons in one place. 

b) Is It possible to stack Lowe’s coupons? 

There are innumerable ways to use your valuable Lowe’s coupons but stacking might not be one of those. 

c) Does Lowe’s accept expired coupons? 

Accepting Lowe’s coupons after the expiration date would totally depend on the store you are going to shop from. There is always a myriad of coupons to choose from. 

d) Where can you use Lowe’s military discount coupon? 

Lowe’s military discount coupon can only be used on valid purchases. There exclusions that we have mentioned above. 


To value the US armed forces Lowe’s extend a significant discount to the active military personnel and veterans. By using Lowe's military discount coupon customers can buy from a range of categories such as appliances, bathroom supply, cleaning supply, electrical, flooring, and more at a discounted price. The best part of the deal is that the military discount is valid on online purchases too.