Subway Coupons Printable: Buy 6 Inch Ham Sandwich At $4.69

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Sep 10 2020 Share this blog

What does it mean to eat fresh? At Subway customers would get a deliciously healthy 6 inch Black Forest Ham sandwich at just $4.69. Subway is taking stringent measures to make your food safer during the COVID-19  pandemic. 

Editor’s Note: Subway printable Coupons are not available at the moment. Go through all the below-mentioned coupons. 

Subway Coupons Printable: What Is Trending? 

Subway Coupons



Big Philly Cheesesteak Sub: At $6.99

For All Users


Black Forest Ham: $4.69

Use Numerous times 


Gift Card: At $5 Onwards

Valid on store/online 


Subway Sides: At $0.65 

Valid Across US 


Chicken Teriyaki: At $7.29

For All Users 


Subway Coupons Printable: Recently Verified

a) Grab Big Philly Cheesesteak Sub| At $6.99 Onwards

Wolf down your favorite Big Philly Cheesesteak sub at Subway at a starting price of $6.99. Customers can opt for curbside pickup or store pickup. 

Grab Big Philly Cheesesteak Sub

  • Subway deal include-

Subway Menu Items 


Subway Six-inch sub 

Available at $6.99

Subway Footlong 

Available at $9.99

  • Customers can add green peppers, onions, and more 
  • The orders can be made through the Subway app and website 
  • The numerous modes of payment are PayPal, net banking, cards, and more 
  • Valid for both Subway new and old customers 
  • A minimum amount of order is not required at the payment page 
  • No Subway promo code is available at the checkout 
  • Use the coupons as many times as required

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b) Savor Black Forest Ham Sandwich| Subway

Who would have thought that Subway’s six-inch delicious Black Forest ham sandwich is available at just $4.69? Read the terms and conditions of the offer. 

  • Subway hours depend on the locations across the US 
  • Modes of transactions are Subway gift cards, net banking 
  • The orders can be placed online or from the outlet 
  • Both existing and new customers can redeem the deal 
  • The Subway coupon can be used numerous times 
  • No Subway coupon code is available for the customers

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Subway Sides At Just $0.65

c) Grab Subway Sides At Just $0.65

What’s the sandwich without those sumptuous Subway side available at a starting price of $0.65. All US locations are available for the customers. 

  • Payment methods include- 
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Net banking 
  • PayPal
  • Cash, and more.
  • The orders can be redeemed through the app and website 
  • Subway sides include- 

Subway Sides 


Apple Sauce 






  • Both old and new customers can redeem the Subway deals 
  • Both contactless and takeaway delivery is available for the users
  • No minimum cart value is needed for the costumers

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Subway Breakfast At $0.99 Onward

d) Devour Subway Breakfast At $0.99 Onward

Subway coupons 2020 for breakfast are going to be fruitful as well as satiating. The breakfast is available from just $0.99. Subway menu items can be bought online and in-store. 

  • Subway Menu items include- 

Subway Breakfast Menu 


Cheese, bacon, steak, or ham with eggs

Available At $2.99 

Buy 6-inch wrap at just 

Available at $3.29 and $3.79 

Subway 6-Inch Wrap 

Grab at $3.29 to $3.79 


Buy at $1.29 


Get at $0.99 

  • No Subway promo code is needed at the checkout 
  • Numerous modes of payment are required by the customers 
  • Available for both old and new customers 
  • Place the order through the app and website

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Subway Coupons and Deals: Popular 

a) Buy Two Get One Subway Footlong

Subway deals are the new hack to eat your heart out at Subway. Customers would get a free Subway footlong on buying two. Customers need to order a minimum of 3 Subway footlongs. 

Buy Two Get One Subway Footlong

  • Numerous modes of payment are- 

  1. PayPal, 

  2. Net Banking

  3. Cards, and more. 

  • Both old and new Subway customers can redeem the deal 
  • Subway deal 2020 can be activated through the app and website 
  • The Subway coupon is valid across the US 
  • Subway Footlong available are-
  1. BBQ Rib 

  2. Black Forest Ham 

  3. Meat Special, and more. 

  • Use payment methods such as PayPal, cards, net banking, and more 

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Contactless Delivery At Subway

b) Avail Contactless Delivery At Subway

Subdue the spread of COVID-19 by selecting contactless delivery at Subway, so that you just not eat healthy but safe too.No minimum order value is needed at the checkout. 

  • Subway delivery partners are-

  1. Grubhub. 

  2. Uber Eats. 

  3. Doordash, and more. 

  • Contactless delivery at Subway is available at selected locations
  • The Subway orders can be availed through the app and website 
  • No minimum order amount can be redeemed by the customers 
  • Available food items for Subway delivery are-
  1. Sandwiches. 

  2. Salads. 

  3.  Bread. 

  4. Signature Wraps, and more. 

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Where Is Subway Near me? 

Subway not just delivers to your doorstep but you can have it picked up too while adhering to all the social distancing norms. Customers can look at the status of the nearest Subway outlet on the store locator before they leave to get their orders. 

Frequently Asked Questions At Subway 

Where to look for Subway coupons and deals? 

Subway promo codes and coupons can be found on the app and website. Customers can also go to Zouton.com to redeem the latest coupons in one place. 

Is there contactless delivery at Subway?

Yes, customers can redeem all orders through contactless methods due to the ongoing pandemic. 

What are the payment options at Subway?

Numerous payment options at Subway are Subway card, cards, PayPal wallet, Subway gift cards, American Express, and more. 


Where do you head on days you want to eat healthy and fresh? Well Subway of course. Even though, Subway coupons printable are not available customers can redeem enticing discounts on their favorite Subs. Customers can also give Subway gift cards to friends and family to spread this healthy alternative to junk food. Check out new Subway flavors in the football season. Start ordering at Subway now.